An Indescribable Gift

CMA little less than a week ago, on Christmas day, out of all of our gifts we were most thankful for the gift of Jesus. None of us will realize the full impact of this gift until our faith becomes sight. Even so, the impact of Jesus in this present time has changed us now and for eternity. The Bible speaks of several gifts from God. But only one, in 2 Corinthians 9:15, is described as UNSPEAKABLE. Which means, indescribable. There are not enough words to tell of all that He is. There are over 200 names for Jesus: Beloved Son, Almighty, Advocate, Messiah, Alpha, Omega, Bread of Life, Cornerstone, Creator, Dayspring…to name a few. And each of his names give us a portion of understanding about Him. But again, there are not enough words to describe the gift that He is to mankind. The gift that He brings is eternal life, forgiveness of sin, undeserved favor and so much more. An indescribable gift of grace.

As 2015 comes to an end and a new year begins, we can rest in the knowledge that Emmanuel, God with us, IS with us  – not just on Christmas but every day. As the holiday season comes to an end, let’s be reminded of Jesus our Savior and praise Him EVERY day of our new year…He is the greatest, most precious and indescribable gift of all. He is Emmanuel. Every day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “An Indescribable Gift

  1. When I pray in the morning I have a list of the different names for Jesus. I start my prayer by thanking him for being my Alpha, Omega…..ect. I love to start my prayers by giving him honor and glory first for all of the ways that even his different names effect my life. I think my favorite names are to call him my Father and my King. God Bless you guys.:-)

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