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20141109-DSC_9572-EditThe Creator God so often gives us a physical picture of a spiritual truth. The heart is no exception. Throughout my career as a nurse in a cardiac intensive care unit, I’ve seen my share of failing hearts. One patient in particular was young, in his 30s, and looked perfect on the outside, handsome even. But he was truly dying on the inside. His heart functioned at a fraction of its normal capacity, and he could no longer live his life. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t walk. His sick heart had finally caught up with him.[line]

862MhrKWfJwmlEm3TcpgEQyw2M921D7gfMSR-cVVKMEI knew within few minutes of hearing her speak that she was suffering from a heart that was broken. It doesn’t take long to recognize the symptoms if you know what to look for. As her story unfolded, I learned that this introverted and kind woman had been abandoned at birth and sexually abused as a child. Now, at 27, the results of these wounds were an inability to love and think correctly when it came to relationships and self worth, deep discouragement, a fear of being out of control of situations, and an uncontrollable anger. On the outside, she looked perfectly fine, perfectly beautiful. Yet, on the inside she was very broken. Her sick heart had finally caught up with her. [line]

All of humanity is broken – born broken. The Bible tells us that we are born into sin, genetic and passed along from Adam and Eve all the way to us. Along the road of life, some early and some later, the brokenness of others influences our own, and our brokenness compounds. It keeps us from thinking and thus living whole, and we are imprisoned, held back, made blind by it.

[pullquote type=”right”]We, the patients, take the doctor’s job and try to heal ourselves.[/pullquote]Many of us don’t completely understand this truth. We live as though we’ve got it together, but our God says otherwise. Our hearts are deceptive and sick (Jeremiah 17:9), and out of them comes our sin (Mark 7:20-23). If our desire is a right heart, a right mind, right thinking, and right living then we must stop looking to ourselves for answers, and stop blaming others for what is in us. We so often trust ourselves to “make a change”, when the only One who really sees into our hearts is our Creator. We, the patients, take the doctor’s job and try to heal ourselves.

Christ, our Great Physician, came to heal the wounded in heart (Luke 4:18), which is ALL of mankind. Psalm 147:3 says that He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds! If we can trust Him, and believe that He alone can heal while we cannot, the purging of our brokenness can begin and our sick and wounded hearts can be right with our Lord.

Commit with us to this journey toward a right heart…Commit to honesty, to transparency, to real change. Commit to allowing Christ to reveal and to heal all things. We won’t promise that it’ll be comfortable, but we will promise that it will change you forever. We will also promise that we’re with you for the long haul!

Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

~Because He Lives, Colette & Melissa~

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