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Colette Sue Fabry

Colette Fabry, Co-Author of awriteheart.comColette is a wife and mother of six (Jeremiah & Suzi, Caleb & Hollie, and Jake & Cheryl), and grandmother of nine. She is the owner of Rochester Anger Management and Conflict Resolution where she has counseled families and individuals for 15 years. Colette also counsels for several churches and schools in the Rochester area where she assists Pastors and staff in their counseling needs.  She is a sought after speaker for retreats, conferences and special events.  Colette has her Masters degree in counseling along with several certifications from Notre Dame University, American Association of Christian Counseling, American Association of Certified Mediators and Anderson & Anderson Psychological Services.[/column]

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Melissa Ann Yeager

Melissa Yeager, Co-Author of awriteheart.comMelissa  is a wife and mother of three school-age children (Hannah, Naomi, and Jude). She is a nurse in a cardiovascular intensive care unit, and her 15 years of experience there has allowed her the privilege of being a caregiver and advocate for her patients and their families. She and her husband are active members of their local church family, and their primary focus for these years with the kids at home is to show them what it looks like to love Jesus and follow Him.